Medvedev to angry Crimeans: We don’t have money, cheer up!

People simply CAN NOT LIVE WITH 120 USD for a month!!! But criminal putin regime doesn’t care about that. They say – cheer up! And leave plane

Medvedev to angry Crimeans: We don’t have money, cheer up!

Why Trump and putin would not find commond ground

First of all putin & Trump are both d**kheads and they will not find common ground for two reasons:

1.) Both want to look strong in front of their citizens no matter what;

2.) Criminal putin regime will never find common ground with any of US presidents because otherwise who will criminal putin regime propaganda will blame for:


1.) Taking away from Russian seniors right to travel free of charge in Moscow metro (yes, this is actual statement from putin party – they say that Obama did it 🙂 )

2.) Keeps wages low (minimum monthly wage 85 EUR, in regions average wage about 100 EUR)


3.)  don’t pay wages for 6 month (I don’t know how those people survive there)


4.)  for destroyed road infrastructure



5.) Destroyed city infrastructure like hospitals:

roads and housing

Why Trump and putin would not find commond ground

Poor Russians under criminal putin regime rule

Could you survive with 85 EUR for a month? You would have to pay for your flat, heating, water, electricity, communication services, food, clothes, transportation, etc. So – could you survive with just 85 EUR a month? It’s what criminal putin regime asks from Russian citizens who earn minimum wage in Russia.

You would think that country with largest territory on planet Earth with richest natural resources on planet with gas, oil, minerals, gold, etc. would live with high income – but it’s not the case in Russia under criminal putin regime rule. As elite takes all the money and feeds citizens with hate & war propaganda just like in North Korea.


So this is poor Russian reality.


Putin Raises Minimum Wage to $87 Starting Jan. 1

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree setting the minimum wage in Russia at 6,204 rubles ($87) a month beginning Jan.1, 2016, according to a document published Tuesday on the government’s legal information website.

In 2015, the official minimum salary that employers in Russia could legally pay their workers stood at 5,965 rubles($84). Therefore, the minimum wage is set to rise by 4 percent from Jan. 1 of next year.

As of September, the average monthly wage in Russia is 32,911 rubles ($463), according to data released by the Rosstat state statistics service.

According to the estimates of consulting firm Korn Ferry — Hay Group, Russian companies will increase salaries for their employees on average by 7 percent in 2016, the RBC newspaper reported earlier this month.

However, the inflation rate in Russia is expected to stand at 14,6 percent next year, which means that the real wages will fall by 7.5 percent, the report said.


In regions Russians earn average about 10 000 – 12 000 RUB a month, which is about 130 – 160 EUR a month.


Many of Russians even don’t get paid:

Moscow Metro Construction Workers Strike Over 5 Months Unpaid Wages

Russia: Workers of 2018 World Cup construction site protest over unpaid wages & absence of employment contracts

Russian workers protest over unpaid wages

Unpaid Russian Workers Unite in Protest Against Putin

Russian factory pays workers in bricks

Poor Russians under criminal putin regime rule