Why I created this blog

I stand for objectivity and truth. I see that people in wester world has been manipulated both by wester main stream media and now by putin regime propaganda mainstream and so called alternative media. I see how evil is rising and Russia Federation and repeats it’s history mistakes again. I see hate against other nation being produced in putin regime propaganda brainwash machine. I see how fascism is rising under putin regime and how people in Russia and west are being manipulated not to see that because of lies that also has been done by western leaders. People are being smashed between two brics and they don’t see that. That is why – I want to share what I see. That is why I created this blog. I will use my knowledge in Russian and English to post materials. Some will be translated, some will be left alone in it’s original text with my comments. I will re-post lot of articles, videos, etc. If you are a truth seeker than ask me and I will reply as much detailed I can. I don’t want to be a guru or some leader, I simply want to share my knowledge base on this topic about putin regime crimes, lies and danger it brings to the world. I know there is lot of crimes and evil from other side – but this side about putin regime is less covered for westerners, so this is why I shall concentrate on this topic.

This blog is my house. In my house are my rules. If I see a putin regime payed troll, I shall kick him out – no warning! Putin regime has it’s trolls army and it has nothing to do with freedom of speech and everything to do with freedom of manipulation of other people minds. Manipulation is a form of aggression and I shall not allow it in my house.

If you are a truth seeker as I am – than you are welcomed my friend!

P.S. I’ll write ‘putin’ in small letters because he is responsible for broken lives for millions of people till now and in future – I cannot respect such person – so his name will not receive any respect from me.


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