Desperate and affraid russians

Russians are afraid to speak against putin regime. They are scard or criminal putin regime mafia. Just like Germans under criminal hitler regime, Russians are afraid from criminal putin regime. People openly say that they are not free people. They don’t act and behave as free people because they are afraid from criminal putin regime mafia revenge on those who speak against it.


Still there are people who gather and express their problems openly but they don’t criticize putin because they are afraid of him.


But as Russians get poorer and desperate because of crash or Russians economy – they have less and less to lose. So we shall see more demonstration such as these where people lost their job or their wages where cut and they can’t survive. Like for example here people complain that they can’t live with salary which is 15 000 RUB after taxes or 170 EUR a month. They can’t feed their family with such sum of money. But if you refuse to be a slave than you are fired and next will take your place for even less money. Thousands are being fired from this factory. No comments or information from management from this factory that has close ties with criminal putin regime.

Desperate and affraid russians

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