How Russian economic problems are delt with

As Russian income declines and prices grows and people have less money to survive the day they get desperate to pay bank loans as RUB has crashed and they monthly payments to Banks has tripled. That would not happen if criminal putin regime would not invade Ukraine, occupy part of it’s territory, annex part of it’s territory, bring down passenger airplanes etc. that caused western sanctions on Russian elite and it’s economy.

So people in Russia now starts to feel full blow of consequences of criminal putin regime act. They protest to banks and government and this is how their problems are “solved”.

Women in the end 1:34 tells that before monthly payment to Bank was 29 000 RUB (~ 326 EUR) but today after RUB crash (because of criminal putin regime aggression and crimes that lead to sanctions and decline in economy because of corruption) she must pay 80 000 RUB (~ 900 EUR) a month to bank – which is her family total monthly income. So she doesn’t have money to either eat or pay Bank her loan. There are millions of Russians in this situation and only “solution” that criminal putin regime offers is – arrest with OMON brutal force.


How Russian economic problems are delt with

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