Criminal putin regime dream – collapse of NATO

Criminal putin regime ultimate dream is to eliminate any threat to his regime. He has destroyed democracy in Russia and took full control over Russia using his mafia methods. But there is a threat to his regime from out side world. It’s Western world that could help Russians to get rid of criminal putin regime. The biggest threat to criminal putin regime out side Russia is NATO. So collapse of NATO is ultimate dream for crimina putin regime.

Russia ilitary can not win NATO in full open war in long run. It’s impossible. Just compare both military budgets and capabilities to understand that Russia has no chances to win NATO. But criminal putin regime could try to ruin NATO in different way. And there is actually a real chance to do that. NATO would collapse if one or more of it’s members would be attacked but NATO would not defend it. That would mean that NATO has lost it’s purpose and is unable to function and fulfill it’s liabilities. That would lead to collapse of NATO and that would mean that main outside threat to crimina putin regime is eliminated. That’s a prize worth of taking for criminal putin regime. But how to do that?

Well, if only criminal putin regime would be able to take over in blitzkrieg under few hours weakest members of NATO like Baltic states or one of them, it would be very difficult for NATO to liberate them. And if criminal putin regime would threat with nuclear war with NATO if it will try to liberate Baltic state(s) from occupation – there is great chance for NATO to step back as major pressure could be on them from western country citizens not to start WW3 with nukes just for some small Baltic couentry(s).

That is what criminal putin regime wants. Because than NATO will collapse as it has failed to defend it’s member – it has become failed organization. A force just on a paper and nothing more. De facto it will cease to exist, maybe even de jure it would declare end of it as more members would leave it.

So criminal putin regime would won west and eliminated it’s main threat from out side world.

To not let this happen – there should be military strengthening for countries in border with Russia. It would be logical for NATO to create military bases in Baltic states and Poland but that doesn’t happen because of deals made in 90’s with Russia Federation. Those deals say that for balance of power NATO will not create permanent military bases in Baltic states. So there are only exercises in Baltic states involving NATO member military forces, but no permanent military base (except each countries military forces).

My proposal for this situation would be to create additional military organization (outside NATO) – Europe Eastern Border Treaty Organization

It would consist of member that share same economic, social, political, legal values and are in border with Russia Federation. The main purpose for this organization would be to protect member states from Russia Federation aggression of any kind – open war or any type of hybrid war. To achieve this goal this organization would create one single border patrol that would act in all territory along Russian Federation border as single force to protect it’s member country from not only Russian Federation aggression but also from illegal immigrants aka “refugees” crossing EEBTO borders. But also to create military divisions that also acts in EEBTO countries involving military personal from all EEBTO countries with permanent military bases in all EEBTO countries. Any attack on any EEBTO country is an attack for all EEBTO countries (and if it’s an attack on NATO member it’s also attack on all NATO). EEBTO would have close corporation with NATO and would receive military equipment help from it but not permanent NATO bases (unfortunately) because of deals with Russia.

EEBTO countries would be:

  1. Norway
  2. Sweeden
  3. Finaland
  4. Estonia
  5. Latvia
  6. Lithuania
  7. Poland

After political, legal system, economical reforms take place in Ukraine and it is in full control over it’s borders – Ukraine would also have chance to take it’s place in EEBTO and after it become NATO member.

Chain is as strong as it’s weakest spot.



Criminal putin regime dream – collapse of NATO

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