“The situation is critical for the budget”

Now criminal putin regime will sell to it’s mafia members Russia state companies for pennies to steal money away more openly than before. I guess we are fast approaching end of criminal putin regime. They steal what they can – I only wonder where will they hide after collapse.

Moscow (AFP) – Russia can no longer afford to wait for a market rebound, its economy minister said Tuesday, calling the budget situation “critical” and urging to restart a stalled privatisation drive.

The government is looking for ways to raise funds for the budget as its earnings dwindle due to low oil prices, with voices increasingly urging the sale of minority stakes in state-owned companies, carrying out plans put on hold since President Vladimir Putin returned to the Kremlin.

Speaking at a ministerial meeting, Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said that Russia has been putting off privatisation plans for the past two years, as the market stopped growing, but that it no longer makes sense to keep waiting.

“Now we have come to realise that the situation is not going to change, that there is nothing to wait for,” he said.

The situation is critical for the budget, the general turbulence of financial markets does not give grounds for expectation of any rebound or restoration,” he added.



“The situation is critical for the budget”

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