RUB crash


As predicted Russian gas station economy under crimnal putin regime is crashing.

You can follow here for newest exchange rate.

2 years ago it was 34 RUB for 1 USD

2 month ago it was 64 RUB for 1 USD

20.01.2016.  82 RUB for 1 USD

21.01.2016.  83 – 85 RUB for 1 USD

BTW this is what “great chess player team” responded about RUB crash:

“Deputy Prime minister of Russia: “Everything is normal on the currency market, people should pay less attention to Ruble’s exchange rate.””

Still, people in Russia reacts differently. PANIC in Russian banks as people hurry to get rid of RUB and protest against Russian banks as people are not able to pay off their loan which was taken in EUR / USD. At current exchange rate russians find themselves in situation where monthly mortgage payment is 76 000  RUB but monthly salary is 30 000 RUB. As people can’t pay back banks because of RUB crash – they are being kicked out of their homes with their chidren in cold russian winter.


22.01.2016. 81 RUB for 1 USD

RUB bounced back after Emergence meeting decisions I guess they went back on burning those reserves they still got to buy up RUB.




RUB crash

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