Fascism rising in Russia

Imagine Hitler center opened in Germany where honors Hitler war crimes. Can you imagine that? No, you can’t. But this is what happened in Russian only not criminal Hitler center but criminal Stalin center.

‘Russia needs Joseph Stalin, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk’ A ‘Stalin Center’ opens in Penza

On Monday, December 21—Joseph Stalin’s birthday—communists in Penza opened the city’s “Stalin Center,” where they plan to hold literary evenings, round table discussions, and visits for schoolchildren. The aim, they say, is to adapt the “Stalinist experience” to modern realities. Meduza’s special correspondent Daniil Turovsky visited the Stalin Center and spoke with its founder, the leader of Penza’s communists, who dreams that Russia will one day see its own Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. For that to happen, he says, a personality of Stalin’s dimensions is needed. (Just without the repressions.)

Remember – there were no difference between two war criminals Hitler and Stalin. Here is movie about that:



Fascism rising in Russia

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