2016: Russia economy collapses, criminal putin regime is removed.

In 2016 citizens of Russia Federation will get rid of criminal putin regime as oil prices will plunge, budget deficit will grow, social budget spending will see huge cuts and RUB will crash that will take Russian companies under water as they won’t be able to settle their debts. Social unrests will take over and demand removal of putin regime. That may seem impossible as today putin enjoys 80 – 90% approval. But if you would ask what is Russian approval for USSR day before revolution started – the result would be the same if not even bigger support. When you are only window in the room it doesn’t take much to have huge approval. As things will change – so will support of criminal putin regime.

Russia Federation has planned it’s 2016 budget with oil price around 40$ per barrel.

Russian finance minister sees oil price at $40 per barrel in 2016


Oil export industry makes about 70% of Russia Federation GDP so any changes in oil prices makes big difference in Russia Federation economy.

8 Shades of Crisis – Russia’s Year of Economic Nightmares

So while on the face of it, the energy industry accounts for only around one-quarter of Russian output, in reality it is the source of up to 70 percent of Russia’s gross domestic product, according to research by Andrei Movchan, an associate at the Carnegie Center in Moscow.

That helps explain how, in the late 1980s, a halving in the price of oil precipitated the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Mean time Saudi Arabia panned it’s budget base on 29$ per barrel.

Oil holds losses as Saudi Arabia seen budgeting for lower prices

The kingdom’s 2016 budget is probably based on crude prices of about US$29 a barrel, according Riyadh-based Jadwa Investment Co. US inventories declined 2.25 million barrels last week, according to a Bloomberg survey of analysts before government data Wednesday.

It means that actually there is great probability that Russia is mistaken in it’s predictions and budget planning that can go horribly wrong for criminal putin regime. As it will be forced to cut even more social budget in time when RUB will crash even more because of low oil prices (Battered Russian ruble plunges amid oil price drops) With combination of West sanctions that denies credit for businesses (Russian companies face credit crunch danger) it can start the fire with social unrests. I guess criminal putin regime is aware of this possibility and that is why he signed this law:

Putin signs law allowing federal police to shoot women and children, and fire into crowds

So there is huge tornado coming to sweep Russia economy with criminal putin regime and it will get bloody in Russia. There is no other option how to remove criminal putin regime than revolution. So it will happen. There will be civil war in Russia in 2016. And criminal putin regime will be removed.

Questions remains: who will take power and what will happen with the nukes during criminal putin removal?

2016: Russia economy collapses, criminal putin regime is removed.

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