God is very quick these days

Well my friends, thank you for following by blog. This year unfortunately I had many materials to cover as criminal putin regime still exists and expands it’s crimes. It’s quite depressing for world and those victims that suffers from criminal putin regime so let’s have some laugh at end of this year. And I hope next year will be end of criminal putin regime and there won’t be need for this blog.

Happy NEW year! 2016 – a year when criminal putin regime collapses!

14:08 06.08.2014 Russia Says West ‘Shot Itself in Foot’ by Imposing Sanctions on Moscow

“To be honest, the West is behaving inadequately. They are shooting themselves in the foot by imposing sanctions. You may lose a market in an hour but it may take decades to restore,” Rogozin wrote on his Facebook page.

Tuesday 29 December 2015 Deputy Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin ‘shoots himself in the foot’ after expressing support for NRA

Russia’s deputy Prime Minister has reportedly shot himself in the foot at a firing range just days after tweeting support for America’s National Rifle Association (NRA).

Dmitry Rogozin is said to be recovering while undergoing treatment for the bullet wound at a hospital in Moscow.

A source told Russia’s Interfax news agency he “accidentally shot himself” while training at a shooting range, causing him to miss a cabinet meeting with Vladimir Putin last week.



God is very quick these days

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