Imagine Russia

What if you where criminal? What if you wanted the biggest heist ever made? What if you wanted to steal not million, not billions but trillions for many years? What if you wanted to steal a whole country? Not only a country – but biggest country in world with all its natural resources?

What would you do? How to achieve that?

  1. You have to have criminal past and experience at crimes
  2. You have to have a circle of trust – people that will hold key positions once in place
  3. You have to cheat in elections, you have to fraud them
  4. You have to silence any opposition, you have to deny even such alternative
  5. You have to kill any whistle blower that speaks against you (here & here & here & here )
  6. You have to censor media, academia, art and take full control over main stream media to use it as weapon to attack citizens and brainwash them to believe in you as only leader
  7. You have to remove step by step human rights both de jure & de facto
  8. You have to take full control over justice system and no access to international law to citizens
  9. You have to increase police force to suppress any stand against your criminal plans and put your mafia member as Prosecutor General
  10. You have to create an out-side enemy to gather people around you as they are brainwashed by your fear & hate propaganda
  11. You have to show off your power so that your enemies that want you gone – would fear you. Even if it means to go on war.
  12. You have to remove any constitution that still holds you back even – first de facto, than de jure

Now you are at power and you can steal as much as you want. Never forget to share it with your mafia.


Now imagine you are a citizen that has been fooled by this criminal. Imagine how it is to acknowledge that your country has been stolen by criminal mafia. Imagine how it feels to know – your country is stolen by mafia. Criminals are at power – you have no access to justice system, you have no access to democracy tools to remove this criminal and actually for some years you where supporting this criminal because you also where fooled by this mafia.

Imagine how it feels for common Russian under criminal putin regime.

Imagine Russia

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