USSR 2.0

Criminal putin regime tries to reanimate USSR in new version with same criminal brutality stain had but with new level of corruption for elite.

Now people are being feed with propaganda how criminal stalin was a good guy:

Stalin Center Opens in Central Russia

A culture center dedicated to Josef Stalin has opened in the central Russian city of Penza by local Communist Party (KPRF) activists, local party branch head Georgy Kamnev said, the Interfax news agency reported Tuesday.

“The Center’s goal is to popularize and implement the practices that were in use during Stalin times and are still relevant today,” Kamnev said.

At the center, Communists will host scientific conferences and public discussions to study Stalin’s legacy and share it, the local KPRF leader told Interfax.

In September, Penza’s Communist Party placed a Stalin monument in its office courtyard. The monument resulted in public outrage — locals filed a petition to the mayor demanding the monument be removed. However, the local authorities failed to take action because the monument was on private property.


Many people didn’t expect that monuments to Stalin would really be established in Russian cities, but it’s turned out to be true. This one is among the first, it has appeared in Lipetsk just recently. How long will it stand here, what do you think?


Museum Honoring Stalin’s Legacy Set to Open in Russia

A museum showcasing Soviet leader Josef Stalin’s political and military bravado, while disregarding the mass political repression he orchestrated, will open in the Tver region in May, the Meduza news site reported Tuesday.

The authorities of Khoroshevo, a village located some 230 kilometers northwest of Moscow, approved the Russian Military-Historical Society’s request to open the facility, according to Meduza.

The Russian Military-Historical Society, established on the order of President Vladimir Putin in December 2012, is headed by Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky. Some of the mandates the society lists on its official website include the creation of new military-themed museums and the “education of Russian citizens … in the spirit of love, devotion and selfless service to the motherland, respect for the defenders of the fatherland, [and] the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.”

The museum will be housed in a cottage on the former Kondratyeva collective farm, where Stalin briefly resided in August 1943, Meduza reported, citing the regional administration of human rights organization Memorial. The museum’s opening is set to coincide with Russia’s 70th-anniversary celebration of the Soviet Union’s victory in World War II this May.


But this is reality about this beast with name stalin:


Can you imagine hitler centers in Germany? Can you imagine that? Well similar happening in Russia under criminal putin regime rule.

USSR 2.0

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