What is perspective for Russia economy?

It is proven by data that Russia economy structure can be compared to a “gas station”. Just look at this graph that shows correlation between price of oil and Ruble.




Russia economy is undeveloped as other “gas station” economies and is vulnerable to low oil prices. So when we think about perspective for Russia economy – we must think of perspective for oil prices in the market for short term and long term. In short term oil prices will probably stay low and won’t come back to 100 USD per barrel. But in long run “gas station” economies such as Russia are doomed because of new guy in town.

Check this out:

Germany just switched on a revolutionary nuclear fusion machine

Nuclear fusion occurs when atoms fuse together at incredibly high temperatures and generate energy, and the reason scientists are so excited about it is because it has the potential to produce an almost-unlimited supply of energy from little more than salt water. This is the same process that’s fuelled our Sun for the past 4.5 billion years, and is predicted to continue doing so for another 4 billion years.

Unlike nuclear fission, which powers today’s nuclear power plants, nuclear fusion also doesn’t produce any radioactive waste, and is a whole lot safer.

After such energy is implemented there is no need for gas & oil. After it – „gas station” economies collapses. Maybe Russia will be able to exchange it’s gas & oil for some food packages to survive.

If you think – WOW! – that can’t happen! You are mistaken – we have  many changes in our lives in future:

Ray Kurzweil: The accelerating power of technology

Also worth to know that so far Russia (with its sanctions on their own people that bans them from Western products) I is just as successful to substitute EU, US, Turkey, etc. products with its own as North Korea.


Remember how I wrote this article? RUSSIA ECONOMY EXPLAINED – WHY PUTIN REGIME WILL COLLAPSE  So In result today Russia manufacturing industry can’t work without importing many parts that are produced in EU, US. Yeah… it’s happening.

“Back in Russia, a Bosch-Siemens factory producing washing machines and refrigerators closed down—it could not operate and continue to pay hundreds of its employees without Turkish-made parts. ”


Russia’s Central Bank Declares Shortage of Banned Food Items

“Russian food producers failed to meet market requirements in most categories, according to a report published Friday by the Central Bank, the Kommersant newspaper reported.


“Although the percentage of Russian products has increased, the total market volume that includes both domestic and imported products, has decreased,” the report says.

The shortages have led to soaring food prices with prices of key products rising sharply — cereals and beans prices showed the biggest increase (49.2 percent), a government analytical center revealed in a “Food Embargo” bulletin published this August.”


No Turkish fabric to make anti-Turkish T-shirts, say Russian designers

“The production of T-shirts carrying anti-Turkish slogans in Russia has been delayed by restrictions on fabric imports from Turkey, local media reported this week.”

For those who understand Russian:

What is perspective for Russia economy?

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