Criminal putin regime turns Russia into North Korea

Criminal putin regime jailed peacful activist for his political stand against corrupt criminal putin regime. This is how criminal putin regime wants to spread fear in people never ever to doubt criminal putin regime crimes and never to stand up even as one man protest in public.

Russia step by step transform in hitler nazi regime / north korea style.

Putin signs law allowing federal police to shoot women and children, and fire into crowds

The law also allows FSB agents to shoot women and children, if they put up armed resistance, commit a terrorist attack, or take part in an attack by an armed group.

READ:  Russia: Peaceful activist sentenced under repressive new law must be released

Here is Moscow people celebrates “Constitution day” which allows them to gather and speak their mind. Of course there is no constitution power under criminal putin regime rule. In this event even one of Constitution authors was arrested:

Now Russians has no access to court system – criminal putin regime denies them any Human rights that could be defended by international court system.

Putin Enables Russia to Overturn European Court of Human Rights Decisions

Jails anyone who speaks against criminal putin regime:

Russian court jails blogger for five years for ‘extremist’ posts

A Russian court on Wednesday sentenced a blogger to five years in jail for what it said was his extremist activity on the Internet after he urged people to attend a protest against high transport fares and criticized Russian intervention in Ukraine.

Vadim Tyumenstev, 35, from the Siberian region of Tomsk, was also banned from using the Internet for three years in a case which Russian human rights activists said violated his rights to a proper defense.

Tyumentsev irked local authorities in Tomsk with a series of blogs in which he accused them of corruption and incompetence. He had also sharply criticized pro-Kremlin separatists in eastern Ukraine, saying he did not see why ordinary Russians should go and fight with them.

A statement from Tomsk’s regional court said Tyumentsev had urged people to overthrow the authorities, a reference to an appeal he made for people to attend an unsanctioned meeting to protest against a hike in local bus fares.

He had also urged people to take hostile action against Ukrainian refugees, the court said, referring to a video in which he complained about their presence in Tomsk and said they should be deported.


Criminal putin regime turns Russia into North Korea

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