Absurd life under putin regime

Life under criminal putin regime can get absurd. But in same time it’s an example how North Korea get to it’s absurd regime. Where everything is upside down and hate propaganda rules the day. I guess Russians are going that direction.

Look, putin regime with it’s propaganda announcing that Western products are banned and should be replaced with local products or imported from other countries. Those Western products that are found in shops are destroyed on site in most bizarre situation – like running over 3 packages of ducks meat and burning 50 ducklings.

Russian officials ‘burn 50 ducklings smuggled across Ukraine border’

And that Russia will survive all sanction even if that means to live without food.

Kremlin hard-liner: Russians would ‘rather starve’ than surrender Putin to Western aggressors

That is what putin regime elite & it’s controlled propaganda telling to Russians.

Now, in same time putin regime elite is buying Western Luxus products

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman in luxury watch scandal; Russian bloggers cry corruption after Kremlin press secretary flashes £400,000 timepiece at his wedding

Travels to Western countries with Western Luxury yachts:

After Wristwatch Scandal, Putin’s Spokesman Grilled Over Luxury Yacht

Sends their children to study in Western schools and lives in Western countries:

Educating Their Children Abroad Is the Russian Elite’s Guilty Secret

They don’t use Russian medical services but instead for some reason they choose Western medical treatment.

Russians Should Show Mercy to Kobzon

Of course they can offered it because they steal money from Russians 24/7

16 Eye-Popping Examples Of Alleged Corruption At The Sochi Olympics

Russia Awards Lucrative Crimea Bridge Contract to Putin’s Crony

In normal country this would not be possible as people would protest against stealing their money and for these double standards putin regime lives in. But under putin regime rule – there isn’t such problem for elite because criminal putin regime just like hitler is in control over mass media in Russia:

How the Media Became One of Putin’s Most Powerful Weapons

And putin regime propaganda even attacks Western world:

Bad news for Putin as support for war flags beyond Russia’s ‘troll farms’

Woman who sued pro-Putin Russian ‘troll factory’ gets one rouble in damages

So here you go – people in Russia is living in crazy world under putin regime hate and lies propaganda. I just hope they will wake up before they are not led to North Korea style regime. But for one thing I am sure – there will be revolution in Russia. I just hope people of Russia will win it – not the corrupt elite.

Absurd life under putin regime

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