putin regime army is falling apart

putin regime is corrupt till it’s core and from all sides, but it is only way for criminal putin regime to stay at power. In result whole system is corrupt and not healthy at all.  Let’s look ar putin regime army – in what shape it is. Here are some articles that should help you understand and draw conclusion about putin regime army:

1.) Bombers, fighters, strike jets, fighter-bombers drops from the sky like flies. Just in 7 weeks putin regime had 7 crashes – and that is not during a war time, but during training.

“Since early June the air force has lost two Tu-95 “Bear” strategic bombers, two MiG-29 fighters, an older Su-24 strike jet, a newer Su-34 fighter-bomber, and most recently an Antonov An-12 military transport.”

2.) Missiles go wild during a Navy Day parade at occupied and illegally annexed Crimea, Sevastopol, putting in real life threat danger civilians who were watching parade

“..in the country on Sunday to celebrate Navy Day and the might of the Russian forces. Yet one rogue missile ruined the display: launched by the Russian frigate Ladny, the missile can be seen wildly spinning round and round before plummeting into the sea.”

3.) During a Victory parade rehearsal broke down so called “super tank” of putin regime that was supposed to threat NATO and it’s allies. In result – full embracement for putin regime:

“A new Russian tank touted by military analysts as a fearsome, ultra-advanced machine  broke down during Victory Day parade rehearsals in Moscow on Thursday, leaving puzzled engineers red-faced.

According to Russian newspaper Moskovskiy Komsomolets, the tank came to a full halt and appeared to be experiencing difficulties even though the engine was still running. Other tanks trundled past as army officers approached the crew of the T-14 to discuss the situation. A military towing vehicle was dispatched to salvage the tank, but was unable to pull it away.  ”

4.) just when russian soldiers think they are safe because are not in one of those “super thanks” or fighter jets that drop from the sky or in one of those frigates which missiles goes wild, they got attacked at sleep… by a building where they are.

“Twenty-three Russian soldiers were crushed to death by rubble after their military barracks collapsed in Siberia, the Russian defence ministry said on Monday.

All four floors collapsed in one section of the building in the Siberian city of Omsk on Sunday evening as 42 Russian paratroopers were resting.

“All 42 soldiers who were under the rubble have been found. Twenty-three of them are dead,” said defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.”

5.) Russians who are not brainwashed by putin regime massive propaganda are not willing to fight for putin criminal plans and are leave unit fearing Ukraine deployment.

“Dozens of professional Russian soldiers are facing trial after abandoning a training base, according to media reports. The soldiers were allegedly pressured to “volunteer” for fighting in Ukraine. The troops were reportedly offered money and benefits from people in uniforms without insignia. The people then tried to motivate them to join the war in Ukraine, according to an article published Saturday on well-known news site Gazeta.ru.”

6.) Of course soldiers will more and more leave criminal putin regime, especially seeing how they are treated by putin regime when their captured by Ukraine army.

No honor from putin regime – no honor at all. No respect.

“Russia’s Defense Ministry has formally disowned two soldiers captured in eastern Ukraine, saying the men had resigned from the army before crossing the border and their mission had “no connection” with Moscow’s armed forces.

Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, head of the Russian think tank Academy of Geopolitical Problems, said that if the men were on active duty, Moscow should have done a better job standing behind them, Gazeta.ru reported.

“When we disown our soldiers, if they were indeed ours, that’s not good,” Ivashov was quoted as saying.

Instead, he suggested, the Defense Ministry “should have said that we are conducting intelligence operations, because there is a civil war going on and military action continues near Russia’s borders,” Gazeta.ru reported.”

7.) Again and again Russian soldiers “get lost” in Ukraine full of ammo and weapons:

“Ukrainian border guards detained a soldier suspected of being a Russian army officer who was picked up while riding in a military truck packed with ammunition at the Berezove checkpoint, about 28 miles southwest of the militant-held city of Donetsk.

Guards found nearly 200 cases containing grenades and ammunition, including rocket-propelled shells, inside the military truck.


“He (the Russian officer) had no documents. But he admitted that he was a chief of an RAO (rocket-artillery weapons unit). He is responsible for ammunition supply. He said that while delivering the ammunition they had got lost,” Oleksandr Tomchyshyn, a border-guards spokesman said. Another man who was detained identified himself as a pro-Russian separatist fighter.”

“Ten Russian soldiers captured in eastern Ukraine crossed the border “by accident”, Russian military sources are quoted as saying.

A Russian defence ministry source was quoted by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti as saying: “The soldiers really did participate in a patrol of a section of the Russian-Ukrainian border, crossed it by accident on an unmarked section, and as far as we understand showed no resistance to the armed forces of Ukraine when they were detained.””

So as you can see putin regime has no honor to Russians soldiers and because of huge corruption at all levels it’s army is falling apart.

Here is a bonus track for that – enjoy:

putin regime army is falling apart

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