Criminal putin regime showing his real face to the word openly

Criminal putin regime shows it’s aggressive regime plans by each day more and more open. Now even putin regime „defense” minister openly announces that Poland should be crossed by tanks.

Russian ‘Night Wolves’ bikers set out on ride across Europe despite Polish, Czech travel bans

This biker club is supported by putin regime

Meet the Night Wolves – Putin’s Hell’s Angels

Honoring a “Night Wolf”

and it has already announced that will use violence against Russian people if they try to protest against putin regime.

Putin’s outrider: ‘The Surgeon’ vows to quell anti-Kremlin dissent

This biker club and putin regime both admire and honor stalin – a worldwide criminal who has done similar crimes to humanity as hitler.

Museum Honoring Stalin’s Legacy Set to Open in Russia

Stalin wiped from Soviet Gulag prison museum

Pro-Kremlin bikers ride for Berlin defying bans from Germany, Poland

“The Night Wolves’ long-haired, heavily tattooed leader Alexander Zaldostanov led a column of bikers waving red flags with portraits of Stalin and the wartime slogan “For the Motherland! For Stalin!” out of the gang’s clubhouse in northwestern Moscow.”

It’s well known fact how criminal Stalin regime murdered millions of people from many nations including Russians, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, Ukranians, Georgians, etc. People where killed on the spot or send to “work camps” aka concentration camps aka GULAGS where they died from hunger, violence, sickness, etc. Many children, babies, women died during deportation to Siberia. You can learn about these facts in this documentary:

The Soviet Story (2008) subtitled

More details about this putin regime supported criminal gang “night wolves”:

Criminal putin regime showing his real face to the word openly

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