putin regime scared of truth

Criminal putin regime can only be at power if people are brainwashed by putin regime lies propaganda spell. So this mean putin regime must attack truth and stop it in any possible way. So it can get ugly & funny in same time.

Here are some examples to start with – but I’ll add some others in time – putin regime won’t let us down 😉

The moment Valentina Lisitsa says she supported Euromaidan Russia’s RT immediately “loses” her signal:

“Stranger things have happened” Journalists literally cut an article out of their newspaper about a Russian soldier fighting in Ukraine

But censorship goes further – even though is censored. You can’t express your self as an artist if it’s against putin regime brainwashing program:

Thousands protest in Novosibirsk for artistic freedom

In TV shows controlled by putin regime – if you manage to get there to speak your mind against putin regime – you will be over run by screams so that your voice won’t be heard.

And putin regime not only censors truth but creates lies after lies after lies to brainwash people minds – both in west and at home.

Reports of 10-year-old killed in Ukraine ‘made up’

Sputnik News or manure for feeble minds

putin regime scared of truth

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