putin lies about war in Ukraine exposed by simple math

putin regime officially denies in being responsible for attacking Ukraine using so called „rebels from DNR and LNR”. But when you look at facts and do a simple math you will come to conclusion that putin is lying.

First of all observe so called LNR and DNR territory


It’s super small / tinny territory and by putin theory locked from outside world where only putin humanitarian aid is send.

Now, look at these numbers.

Russia 5 day war in Georgia costs 12,5 billion rubles that’s 2,5 billion RUB for one day.


“According to Nezavisimaya Gazeta, the five-day war cost Russia an estimated 12.5 billion rubles, a daily cost of 2.5 billion rubles.[294]

Now, so called DNR and LNR has been in war with Ukraine regular army and attacking Ukraine using tanks, armored vehicles, GRAD, rockets, grenades, etc. from 15. April, 2014.


That is till today 27. march of 2015 – it has been 347 days in war with Ukraine regular army.

It means that this self proclaimed “government” of terrorists in this tinny territory locked from outside world should have approximately funding of 347 x 2 500 000 000 RUB = 867 500 000 000 RUB or in today $ value (when RUB has lost half of it’s value) it would be something about $ 14 999 187 775.

Then you should ask your self – how on earth they got such sum of money? From what resources they can afford this war? And who has such deep interest in such huge funding?

So war putin regime admits that – yes – Russians on their free will join LNR & DNR and yes, putin regime is sending “humanitarian aid” to them. This of course is a lie and has been exposed already here: https://stopputinregime.wordpress.com/2015/03/23/putin-lies-in-ukraine-1/

So you see – this tinny territory of so called DNR & LNR are fake entities created, funded and controlled by putin regime. There is no way for them to exist without putin regime. This is putin regime attacking Ukraine and not a civil war in Ukraine with “freedom fighters” in east.

putin lies about war in Ukraine exposed by simple math

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