putin regime has no national interest

putin regime has no interest in russian people but instead to please oligarchs and keep his self at power as czar and here facts that prove that:

There is money for elite:

Russian Big Business Is Lining up for Budget Funds

and killing machine in order to invade Ukraine and who know where else:

Russian Defense Budget to Hit Record $81 Billion in 2015

but not for doctors:

Moscow’s plan to close hospitals and fire doctors threatens social welfare system

and not for education

Putin War Budget Gives Less to Health, Education, Agriculture and Even Crimea

putin regime occupied and annexed part of Ukraine – Crimea (which is an international crime and for what he will be brought to court in time):

Putin Admits Russian Troop Role in Crimea Annexation

but gave away land territory to China:

China Eyes Land Giveaway Program in Russia’s Far East

and China will take over Russia leaving Russia as puppet state to China:

Former head of Moscow FSB warns Russia could lose territory to China

Watch this video – you can switch on ENG subtitles:

One thing is that putin gives away money to his corrupt elite system members and gives away Russian land and energy for pennies to China – other that he is slaughtering Russian people by sending them in undeclared wars – where young boys are slaughtered and their mothers receive lies from putin regime that their boys has died in “accidents” and they can visit their son corps in far distant places guarded by FSB agents.

And despite all that – people in Russia Federation is so brainwashed by main stream media that they are ready to starve and die for czar putin. It’s not normal. This is hitler rising in Russia Federation.

Kremlin hard-liner: Russians would ‘rather starve’ than surrender Putin to Western aggressors

putin regime has no national interest

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