The way putin regime propaganda managed to infiltrate alternative media audience in western world

How I see things is I look at what government is doing – looking at its work, methods and results. And from there it’s basically two sides: those who work in good of common people and protect their individual rights & freedoms, and those who manipulate their people take their rights away and work for elite benefits. Now you look from that perspective and you are going around in so called “alternative media” as this (which actually is not alternative at all – but about that little later) than I’m sure you are aware about US oligarch regime crimes and that they are not working for the people. What you are lacking in information at some sites is about other elites / regimes / oligarchs and how they treat their people. So because of this lack of information you can be easily manipulated to think that there is only one evil elite that rules west and others can be looked at as opposition to this evil – so automatically they are the good guys VS evil west. Well it’s not so at all. If you go back to what I started and those criteria how I divide governments – than you will realize that for example Putin oligarch regime, China elite regime – is not working for their people and is not protecting their individual rights and freedoms. They use the same tactics, the same crimes, the same manipulation in order to gain their elite more power more wealth and hides it under different banners. I’ post links about Putin regime in the end – check them out.

This manipulation with your mind is possible using different kind of channels that you think is alternative media – when actually it’s Putin regime asset for brainwashing you. Also US oligarch regime has their alternative media to brainwash you. So it’s really hard to stay focus and not to get lost in this war over your mind. But those criteria I posted can help you.

What Putin regime assets as RT, Zerohedge (because obviously it is Putin regime asset as you will not be able to find any criticism towards from this site towards actions Putin regime do to their people by limiting their freedoms, by internet censorship and of course will stay in line with Putin regime lies that they are not invading Ukraine (when there is evidence about Putin regime tanks in Ukraine that are not in any country army but only in Russian) does is they are mixing truth with lies. You know – you have to add some sugar for bitter poison. They are well aware about US oligarch crimes and they are well aware that MSM is hiding them from people in west and they are well aware that people in west is seeking the truth that exposes these crimes – so what they do is this – they expose US oligarch regime crimes for what you are so interested in and in this way they are taking your attention and confidence to this source so that you trust them and thank them for bringing truth. And what they do then is they add their Putin regime lies that you automatically accept as truth because they were saying truth about US oligarch regime crimes (not always though). So this is the way they mix truth with lies in order to make you think from their perspective. If they add more paid trolls than mostly this scheme will work and people will live under Putin regime brainwashing machine. So now you know. Now it’s a choice for you to think this trough and start looking at information more with critical thinking. Yes, world is not so simple as we think.

Here are some links to look at and think of if you are cheering for Putin regime:

The way putin regime propaganda managed to infiltrate alternative media audience in western world

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