putin troll army attacks you

These days you have to understand that even people in west are attacked by putin regime – by putin regime propaganda and it’s paid trolls.

You can learn about this fact from these articles:

  1. One Professional Russian Troll Tells All
  2. The Kremlin’s Troll Army
    Moscow is financing legions of pro-Russia Internet commenters. But how much do they matter?
  3. Ukraine conflict: Inside Russia’s ‘Kremlin troll army’
  4. The Kremlin’s troll army
  5. Documents Show How Russia’s Troll Army Hit America
  6. Kremlin Troll Army Shows Russia Isn’t Charlie Hebdo

These trolls act at news articles, many at putin regime propaganda assets such as zerohedge.com Also they attack you at youtube videos and other news portals with their propaganda lies. So you simply must be aware of their existence and be ready to detect a kremlin troll. They are aggressive, manipulating, no respect to other opinion and pro-putin agenda.

So remember when you encounter putin paid troll – than don’t go into disccusion – because there is no point doing so. Because he knows that he is lying – that is why he gets paid.

Only time when you should communicate is to post more materials revealing putin regime crimes & lies.

putin troll army attacks you

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