putin – czar

Is it normal if people can’t imagine their country without current president? I think not. President should not become czar / emperor / dictator. But this is what has happened in Russia Federation. Putin has became a czar and people has been brainwashed by putin regime propaganda so far – that they can’t imagine world without putin. Putin from KGB to president of Russia Federation has been for 15 years. Whole generation has been raised by knowing only putin.

hitler rising in Russia

There are no real opposition for putin regime. If some political opposition appears than he get’s arrested and jailed:


Or killed:


Anyone who speaks against putin regime get’s killed:





There is no freedom of speech under putin regime – because it’s one of most dangerous country in the world for journalists. You get killed if you speak against putin regime. All main stream media brainwashes people minds 24/7 just like Hitler did:

All three TV channels are controlled by the state: the majority share of Channel One belongs to Rosimuschestvo (the Federal Agency for State Property Management). Other shareholders include National Media Group (controlled by the structures of Yuri Kovalchuk, Chairman of the Board of Rossiya Bank, one of the largest banks in Russia, and Vladimir Putin’s personal friend; and Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea football club and Putin’s ally). Rossiya 2 is a part of VGTRK (All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company) which is owned by Rosimushchestvo. NTV is also controlled by the state through Gazprom Media. TNT and Pyatiy Kanal that come respectively fourth and fifth in the top TV channels by audience reach, are also controlled by the state. TNT belongs to Gazprom Media, while Channel 5 is controlled by National Media Group.


And if anyone tries to sneak in with truth using internet .. well than Putin regime iron fist is also there:

Everything You Need to Know About Russia’s Internet Crackdown

That is why in Russia there is allays at power “dear leader” Putin.

16 Years KGB agent

1999 to 2000 – PM

2000 to 2008 – President

2008 to 2012 – PM

2012 to 2018 (2024) – president / czar


putin – czar

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