putin regime and USSR

You have to understand that for putin USSR collapse was great tragedy

Putin: “The collapse of the Soviet Union was the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the century”

putin regime keeps on producing USSR propaganda about old glory days and keeps on repeating how USSR won Nazis.

Yes, Nazis where defeated but their place took same evil that done same crimes to humanity. Not much is know about USSR similarities with Nazis – so I advise you to watch this movie about USSR crimes that is glorified by putin regime:

It is than necessary to hide truth about USSR crimes against people because you can’t glorify power that has done such an evil crimes to humanity. That is why putin regime has chosen remove all trace about Stalin crimes in last museum about Stalin created Gulags

Read this article:

Russia’s gulag museum ‘makes no mention’ of Stalin’s atrocities

Russia Federation has never apologized and/or paid reparations for USSR war crimes. But instead said that Russia has not inherited responsibility of USSR war crimes because Russia is different country. USSR was “union” of many countries (occupied by Russia). But if that is so – than why Russia Federation inherited from USSR seat in UN Security Council and why putin regime keeps on repeating and glorifying how “they”(russians) has won over Nazis if that was different country/union?

The fact is majority in Russia Federation regrets USSR collapsed.

Because than they where something. Than they where a power on world stage. After USSR collapse no-one respected them. Now they want their respect back. And that is used by putin regime to wage wars in neighboring countries. That is why so many russian support putin regime and if you add all that putin regime propaganda lies I shall cover in other articles – there is no suprise of why so many people support this tyrant that leads russians to dead end.

putin regime and USSR

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