putin lies in Ukraine #1

If we look at war in Ukraine and who is liying than look at these facts not some pathetic unproven putin regime propaganda:

1.) putin told that there are no russian army active in Crimea, that they are only sitting in their bases – truned out that was a lie:

Remember these “locals” aka “little green man” that admits they are from russia:

2.) Russian propaganda spread info that referendum in Crimea was legit and supported by it’s people and members of parliament – but it turned out to be lies – russian terrorist ex-leader Girkin admits there where no support for them in Crimea and that they forced parliament members to vote as terrorists wanted:

Igor Girkin, ex-minister of defense of the so-called Donetsk Republic:
“Have you actually been to Crimea during the referendum? Well, I have. I have been there since February the 21th. What you are describing here is absolute rubbish. There were no policemen who supported our side at that time. The only law-enforcement subdivision that has joined our ranks back then was the Berkut. The rest of the law-enforcement agencies remained under control of Ukrainian Ministry of Internal, and kept carrying out the MIA’s orders. Yes, sometimes they were sabotaging these orders, but all in all they were under Ukrainian control. I haven’t seen any support from official governmental representatives in Simferopol. Our troops had to force the deputies into the Oblast Council hall so that these representatives would vote in favor of our initiatives. I know this because I have been at the time commandeering one of such militant teams and I’ve seen it all from the inside. We had absolutely no support from the people, not to mention the army. The Ukrainian army units remained loyal to Kyiv as they were. Furthermore, most of the army remained that way. The only thing that made what we have accomplished in Crimea possible was the presence of Russian army.”


3.) putin denies any military help to so called “rebels” in Ukraine – but it failed in Minsk 2 agreement – where he actualy has admited in supporting them with Tordnado-S which is only operated by Russian Federation and has never been exported out side it to other countries.

Minsk 2 agreement say:

“2. Withdrawal of all heavy weapons by both sides to equal distances in order to create a security zone with a width of at least 50 km between them for artillery systems with a calibre of 100 mm and more, and a security zone with a width of 70 km for MLRS and with a width of 140 km for MLRS “Tornado-S” “Uragan,” “Smerch” and tactical missile systems “Tochka” (“Tochka-U”):

– for the Ukrainian troops: from the actual line of contact;

– for the armed formations of certain areas of the Donetsk and the Lugansk regions of Ukraine: from the line of contact in accordance with the Minsk Memorandum of September 19, 2014.

The withdrawal of heavy weapons set out above shall begin no later than the second day after the cease-fire and end within 14 days.

This process will be assisted by the OSCE, with the support of the Trilateral Contact Group.”



Russia: 56 units in service

The improved Tornado-S is being upgraded with the special GLONASS satellite navigation system used in the Smerch missile system. The Tornado-S will have guided rocket rounds enabling it to fire out to 72 miles (120 km). The Tornado-S will have a longer range and increased effectiveness, due to the use of new warhead payloads and a reduced launch readiness time of just three minutes. The Tornado-G entered series production in 2013.[2] The system entered service with the Russian armed forces in 2014.[3]



putin lies in Ukraine #1

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